Small Group Personal Training


Shape-Shifter / verb / a being or creature able to completely transform its physical form or shape

Do you have what it takes to become a Shape-Shifter? Transform your body and mind with targeted small group personal training. You will have access to:

  • 3 sessions per week (7 time slots to choose from)

  • 45 minute session

  • No more than 4 people per session

  • Meal plan

  • 8 week commitment blocks

  • Measurements

  • Photos

All the benefits of personal training without the price tag. You will be in a small group environment, giving you motivation and morale to achieve your goals. 

Classes have both a strength and cardio focus with your individual goals being my priority.

You will be able to choose 3 of following sessions each week: 

  • Monday 5:30am

  • Tuesday 6:15am

  • Thursday 6:15am

  • Saturday 9 am

  • Monday 5:15pm

  • Wednesday 5:15pm

  • Friday 5:15pm

*Due to start  9 July

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